InLine Labeler machine- Feeder for labels

Detailed specifications
Device Specifications : 
Device Dimensions 1500(L)×1500(W)×1700(H)(mm)
Equipment accuracy ±0.03mm
Travel itinerary X 800mm , Y 600mm , Z 100mm
Moving speed X 200mm/s , Y 200mm/s , Z 100mm/s
The scope of work The scope of work 50-350 mm 
Allowable plate thickness 2mm 
Bidding agency Feeder
Power supply Simplex 220V , Air pressure 5Kg/cm2

Device function :
1. Applicable to the labeling process of PCB boards in the SMT industry, the IN LINE design can greatly improve the labeling capacity
2. Suitable for labeling needs of multi-joint boards
3. With CCD visual recognition system, it can effectively correct the error between labels, PCB boards and positioning points/compensation.
4. The four-module placement head design can quickly respond to multi-angle labeling and facilitate quick replacement
5. Label adsorption detection can prevent leakage and de-labeling.
6. With barcode reading, confirm that the 1D/2D barcode is correct.
7. With Feeder labeling machine, it can correspond to all kinds of label paper.
8. SMEMA standard wiring signal.

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