Development History

  In 2009, it was established by an academic R&D team. In the third quarter of 2013, it set up its China headquarters in Shanghai to provide better equipment sales and after-sales service. commodity service.

Main items

  1. LED lighting and packaging automation equipment
  2. Semiconductor packaging and testing equipment
  3. SMT special and customized automation equipment
  4. SSD automatic whole line assembly equipment
  5. 2.5D automatic image measuring instrument
  6. Development of key equipment components and consumables

Business Overview

       Develop project equipment and parts according to customer needs. The developed equipment has been certified and used by many world-class manufacturers such as 3M, Philips, Osram, Lite-On, Everlight, Lextar, Dongbei, AOT, Delta, Quanta, etc.

Value and Business Philosophy

       Adhering to the spirit of "innovation, professionalism, quality and service", we comprehensively integrate technologies such as mechanism, electronic control, software, and vision, provide customers with complete services, and deeply cultivate the automation machinery industry to achieve sustainable operation.