InLine inkjet machine

Detailed specifications
Device Specifications : 
Device Dimensions 1000(L)×1100(W)×1700(H)(mm)
Equipment accuracy ±0.05mm
Travel itinerary X 650mm , Y 550mm , Z 100mm
Inkjet moving speed X 300mm/s , Y 300mm/s , Z 200mm/s
The scope of work Track width adjustable 50-350 mm 
Allowable plate thickness 2mm 
Power supply Simplex 220V , Air pressure 5Kg/cm2

 Device function :
1.All kinds of plate printing
2.Compatible with different brands of inkjets
3.visual inspection
4.Applicable industries: packaging and testing/electronic/automotive PCB related products,printing serial numbers for product shipment control
5.Can print one/two-dimensional barcode, clear code, serial number, barcode, batch number, etc. to meet customer needs
6.Can be connected in series with SMT line inkjet

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